Tooling, Dies & Molds

We're a leader in the design and manufacture of tools, dies and molds used in radio-frequency (rf) welding, thermal-contact sealing, pressure- and vacuum- forming and cutting of plastics.

Our products are custom made using innovative technologies and a commitment to quality unsurpassed in the industry. Whether you're a corporate giant or mom-n-pop fabricator, we can assist in all aspects of the product development, from design to production.

Radio Frequency Welding The welding of plastic using radio-frequency or high-frequency waves in combination with pressure, temperature and time. Used in most all industries where plastic bonding is required.
Blister Sealing Used extensively in the Packaging & Medical Industry for sealing clamshells to a laminated cardboard backing. We make blister sealing tools for many different models of blister sealers.
Thermal Welding These dies and punch assemblies are designed specificly for our customers using Kiefel® & Widmann® high speed automated equipment. Sheet protectors, card holders, photo pages and covers are just some of the products utilizing this technology.
Punch Assemblies Punch Assemblies for high speed inline thin film plastic film. Whether you need new or want to re-sharpen your existing Kiefel® & Widmann® punch assemblies, we have the technical knowledge and experience. From three-hole bridge punches and side V-notch punches to multi-hole adjustable punch assemblies, our precision punch assemblies will save you time and money as compared to foreign manufacturers.
Thermoforming Molds
     Pressure- &
     Vacuum-Forming Molds
We make molds, plug assists, cutting dies and associated tooling for the forming of plastic utilizing thermal or pressure presses. Packaging clamshells, inflatables and gel-filled products can be easily fabricated using our products.
Steel Rule Cutting Dies Our cutting dies are specificly designed for the materials and processes the customer requires. We make laser-cut dies, welded dies, wood screwed dies, wood mounted dies, aluminum supported dies and high cutting dies.

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