Vacuum & Thermoforming Molds

Stellar Products Inc. makes the highest quality Thermoforming Molds (commonly called Vacuum Molds). Using state-of-the-art Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing Software in conjunction with the latest high speed multi-axis machinery, we can provide prototype and production tooling in days as opposed to weeks. Our dedication to quality, detail and reliability has kept our customers satisfied and productive.

Products currently being manufactured with our molds are:

  • Audio/Visual Cassette Cases
  • Advertising Displays
  • Clamshell Packages
  • Blister Sealing Packages
  • Electronic & Audio Consoles
  • Inflatables
  • Gel Filled Products

Set of Vacuum Mold / Trim Tooling for Clamshell Package

12 Cavity Vacuum Mold
with Water Cooling Channels
12 Cavity Trim Die
Steel Rule Mounted
in Plywood Frame
Stainless Steel
Striker Plate
matched for use with
Trim Die

Vacuum / Radio-Frequency Heatseal Tools

These are combination tools that allow a film of material to be vacuumed formed to a specific configuration prior to RF (Radio Frequency) heatsealing the material to another piece of material. A single tool performs both the vacuuming and heatsealing thereby eliminating handling and secondary operations. By adapting an RF heatsealing machine with a vacuum pump and index system, the operation can be automated for large production runs. Liquid or sponge filling can be placed in the formed article prior to heatsealing.

Products commonly made using Vacuum/Heatseal Tools are:

  • Air Pads
  • Foam/Gel Filled Cushions
  • Furniture Pads
  • Helmet Pads
  • Liquid/Gel Filled Shoe Soles
  • Lumbar Support
  • Orthopedic Supports
  • Toilet Seat Cushions & Covers


Other products available with your Thermoforming/Vacuum Molds are:

Plug Assists Pressure Boxes Clamping Boxes
High Steel Rule Clicker Dies
Heating Plates Cooling Plates

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