Services & Support
  • Design Services
    Using 2D and 3D software, we can provide product specification prints with detailed manufacturing and assembly instructions.

  • Process Development
    From the simplest parts handling system to fully automatic integrated systems, we can meet your automated production needs.

  • Prototype
    Stellar Products completes the design and manufacturing process with in-house radio-frequency and thermoforming capabilities.

  • Material & Process Selection
    Consultation services from selecting the materials, bonding method, joint design, tooling and process methods.

  • Phone Technical Support
    Our customers receive free phone support on manufacturing problems and equipment service. We provide immediate response when you need it most.

  • In-house Consulting
    We can provide in-house seminars to train and update your employees on RF sealing methodology. In today's competetive market, importance of having an informed and knowledgeable work force can not be under estimated.

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