Radio-Frequency Sealing Tools

Commonly known as Radio-frequency Heatsealing, High Frequency Heatsealing, Dielectric Heatsealing, Electronic Heatsealing, Plastic Welding and just Heatsealing. We’ve been making the highest quality Radio-frequency (RF) Heatseal Dies for over a quarter century. Using a fully integrated Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM) process, we are able to provide unsurpassed service and delivery on prototype to production tooling. We make tooling & dies for use with many of the following manufacturers models of RF Heatsealers:

  • 3KRF®
  • Alloyd®
  • Callanan®
  • Collpit®
  • Cosmos®
  • Fiab®
  • Faradyne®
  • Hall Dielectric®
  • High Frequency®
  • HDW®
  • Kabar®
  • Kiefel®
  • Markperi®
  • Nemeth®
  • Solidyne®
  • Thermatron®
  • Widmann®

A list of some of the types of sealing our tooling can perform is:

  • Plain Seal & Tearseal
  • Applique
  • Embossed
  • Tube Mandrel Welding
  • Vacuum/RF Heatseal Dies
  • Free Standing High Dies
  • Hinged Cuff Fixtures
  • Multi-stage Progressive Dies
  • Seal & Cut Dies
  • Common-cut Multi Cavity Dies
  • Port Welding
  • Zipper Sealing
  • Velcro Welding

Tube Mandrel Sealing
Applications: Medical & Inflatables
Tube sealing is the process of sealing a tube between two layers of film. An air/water tight repeatable seal is obtained . When used on a Dual Cycle Radio-Frequency press, tube sealing can increase productivity through the elimination of a secondary sealing process. Tube spring loaded ejectors and water stabilization systems are just two accessories that can further increase production.

Bar Welding
Applications: Tent, Awnings, Screens & Covers
Bar holders and sealing bars come in standard sizes up to 72". The bar holders allow rapid setup and adjustment of the sealing bars. The Sealing Bars are typically for sealing 1/8" up to 2" wide widths. Special seal widths and embossed patterns can be included.

Applique & Embossing Tools
Applications: T-Shirts, Leather Products, Planners & Briefcases
We can provide a complete set of tooling for performing applique and embossing that allows rapid setup and turn around of different sizes and shapes. The top mounting system is adjustable in position for accurate location of the dies. The bottom trays are made of thick aluminum plate and come with adjustable position supports for minimal deflection during sealing. The tooling consists of :
  • Top Adjustable Applique Die Mounting System
  • Bottom Bridge Trays
  • Laser Material Aligning System
  • Additional Sealing Plates for the Bridge Trays

Binders & Capp Fixtures
Applications: Looseleaf Binder & Cosmetic Cases (Mary Kay)
We can design & manufacture a complete set of rf tooling for making binder dies, the binder case die and the capping fixture for sealing the case. The tooling is made to precision design requirements to provide a custom fitting product.

Looseleaf Binder Die Slipcase Sealing Die &
Slipcase Closure Fixture

Free Standing Tools
Applications: Inflatables, Cylinder Shapes, Foam & Air Mattresses
Free standing tools are classified as any tool that is manually located in the press. The reasons for having to manually locate the tool can be varied. The size of the product, the fact that the material must be assembled on the fixture or the shape of the product. Free standing tools are used in making inflatable vests and bouyancy compensator jackets, where the tool can be easily located atop the materials. For applications that require "butt" welding, a free standing tool allows the operator to visual place the tool with accuracy.

When sealing the ends of cylinder shaped products, commonly seen in the cosmetric packaging and inflatable industries, a high free standing tool allows material to be pulled outside the tool while still holding accurate tolerances. In addition, free standing dies can seal both ends of a cylinder in one operation.

The picture to the right shows a tool for sealing a foam filled mattress 40" x 84". If you have an application that you think could utilize this process, we'd be glad to discuss.

Vacuum Forming & RF Sealing
Applications: Inflatables, Cushions & Gel/Liquid Filled Products
Air, Liquid, Gel or Foam filled products can be made to a pre-contoured shaped with a combination vacuum forming / radio-frequency heatsealing tool. From rapid prototyping to full multi-cavity production tooling, we are your source for designing and manufacturing.

RF Sealing & Cutting
Applications: Automotive, Juvenile Furniture & Underwater Products
Commonly refered to as 'Seal & Cut' Dies or Reciprocating Dies, these tools are used in applications where a cloth or urethane material is specified. The seal & cut dies allows both RF sealing and die cutting in one process. The seal & cut dies require an RF press with a combination air/hydraulic cylinder.

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