What's New at Stellar Products Inc.
This page is dedicated to listing new products, industries, services and news that may be generated by Stellar Products and their customers.

New Product: Avery Dennison® Elastic Staple® System

Industry: Packaging

The Avery Dennison® Elastic Staple® System with Alignment Fixture & Stand fits easily into all kinds of automated packaging lines without interrupting your work flow. The strong tubular construction of the frame & precision machined alignment fixture allows easy setup and alignment of your process with 3 axis ajustability.

Avery Dennison® Elastic Staple® System:
  • Elastic Staple Fasteners are strong and durable unlike twist ties
  • Products stay securely fastened and look more appealing at retail
  • Elastic Staple Fasteners are faster to apply, easier to remove
  • Products stay neat and secure, while allowing customers to see, feel and try merchandise prior to purchase
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous metal fasteners.
  • In addition to substantially lowering material costs, Elastic Staple Fasteners also reduce packaging material waste.

Alignment Fixture & Stand:
  • Precision machined alignment fixtures
  • Elastic Staple roll holder and staple alignment feeder
  • All aluminum welded tubular construction
  • 3 Axis ajustability for accurate placement of stapes
  • Two hand safety pushbuttons
  • Four leveling pad height adjustment with optional casters

New Product: Rotary Vacuum Clamp Lifting Table

Sierracin Corporation
Industry: Military & Commercial Aircraft Canapies

Casting Layup Lifting Table for vacuum grabbing glass panes, raising them up, rotating 180 degrees and moving throughout plant for processing.
  • Welded Aluminum Tubular Structure
  • 68" x 100" Rotating Vacuum Section
  • (8) 9-3/4" Diameter Vacuum Cups
  • (2) Stepper Motor driven Jasta Jack Lifters
  • Caster Wheels with Locks
  • Programmable Controller

New Product: Unwind Cut-to-Length

Avail Medical
Industry: Medical Disposable Pouches

Material Unwind Stand with programmable cut-to-length and batch processing. The stand incorporates dual Simco® Neutro-Vac Webcleaners for maximum cleaning and static neutralization for use in medical applications.
  • Stainless Steel Welded Tubular Frame
  • (2) Material Unwind Shafts
  • (2) Simco Neutro-Vac Webcleaners
  • Servo Motor Driven Pinch Roller
  • Caster Wheels with Locks
  • Shear Press Cut Off
  • Programmable Controller

New Customer: RF Cable Assembly Fixture

Northrup Grumman Space
Industry: Aerospace / High Technology

The RF Cable Assembly Fixture was designed by Northrup Grumman using ProE computer generating software. The design files where sent via the internet where Stellar converted them to Solidworks files for use in manufacturing and quality control. The ability to quickly transmit and manufacture allowed us to turn around this project in less than one week.
  • Alumnium Mold
  • Tolerances within 0.001" on many parts
  • Chem Film processing on aluminum surfaces
  • Integration on design & delivery to meet customer needs

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