RF In-line Equipment
  • Indexers, Pneumatic
  • Indexers, Mechanical with Optical Sensor
  • Shuttles, Light & Heavy Duty
  • Shuttles, Speed Feed®
  • Shuttles, Front-to-Back, Pneumatic
  • Shuttles with Material Roll Stands and Web Cleaners
  • Material Roll Holder Stands
  • Motorized Unwind/Rewind Stands
  • Material Guides
  • Over/Under Progressive Plates

Indexers, Pneumatic & Mechanical

Production Rate:
450 cycles/hour @ 6sec press cycle

Operators: Single Operator

Pneumatic Indexer:
Standard 24" wide x 36" stroke

Mechanical Indexer:
Standard 24" wide x 36" stroke

Pneumatic Indexer with RF Press
and Material Relaxer & Roll Holding Stand

Pneumatic & Mechanical Indexers are used widely in the manufacture of card holders, sheet protectors, CD page holders, menu holders, and other products where material can be pulled directly off the roll. When used in combination with Material Relaxer & Roll Stands, Over/Under Progressive Plates, Material Guides and RF sealing machines, the Indexer is part of an automated inline system.

Mechanical Indexers are designed specifically for processes employing pre-printed material from a roll or requiring index accuracy within 0.002". An Optical Sensor is used to adjust for varying index lengths common with pre-printed material.

Standard Features
  • Stroke length: Standard adjustable up to 36" Stroke
  • Material width: Standard 24" maximum width
  • Integrates with most all RF Heatsealing Machines
  • Index speed of 2seconds per 36" stroke length
  • Pneumatic Indexer uses a 2-1/2" bore cylinder to provide an index length accurate & repeatable within 0.03"
  • Mechanical Indexer uses a stepper motor to provide an index length accurate & reapeatable within 0.002"
  • Mechanical Indexer comes with PLC control and operator input screen
  • Shipping weight is approximately 350lbs prior to crating
Optional Features
  • Available with widths up to 36" & stroke lengths up to 54"
  • Pneumatic Indexer available with PLC control for system integration with Hot Stamp Presses, Silk Screeners, etc.
  • Pneumatic Indexer available with Shear Cut-off


Production Rate:
Manual Shuttles are dependent upon the operator.
Speed Feed Shuttles are capable of 450 cycles/hour @ 6 sec press cycle

Light/Heavy Duty Shuttles - Dual Operators
Front-to-Back Shuttle - Single Operator
Speed Feed - Single Operator

Light/Heavy Duty Shuttles:
Pricing based on bedplate size

Front-to-Back Shuttle:
Pricing based on bedplate size

Speed Feed Shuttle:
Pricing based on bedplate size

Shuttles are used extensively for large, hard to handle products and for short runs requiring multi-part assemblies. Shuttles allow materials to be accurately placed in holding fixtures prior to insertion in a press.

Light Duty - Rail Drop

Light Duty Shuttles are commonly used in applications where the total weight of the carriage & tooling is less than 100lbs. The Light Duty Shuttles operate by cylinders mounted to the shuttle rails lowering the carriage onto the press bedplate.
Heavy Duty - Carriage Drop

Heavy Duty Shuttles are commonly used in applications requiring large nesting or tooling fixtures placed on the carriage. The Heavy Duty Shuttles operate by cylinders on the carriage lowering the carriage onto the press bedplate.
Standard Features
  • Sizes: Made-To-Fit press bedplate
    Standard press bedplate sizes up to 60" x 144"
  • Available with In-Position Limit Switches to minimize possible tooling damage
    due to tooling misalignment
  • Side-To-Side Shuttle available in single and double carriage models
  • Available with pneumatic or mechanical driven carriages
  • Available with PLC for full system integration

Light Duty Shuttle with RF Press
Side-to-Side, Dual Carriage

Over/Under "Speed Feed" Shuttles

The Over/Under "Speed Feed" is a dual carriage, single operator shuttle integrated with the press cycle to provide the highest productivity rate of any of the in-line shuttles. The carriages travel over/under each other into the press thereby providing a low floor profile. The shuttle action is performed by a pneumatic powered mechanism. Used extensively in the production of carpeting, looseleaf binders and multi-layer products.

Front-to-Back Shuttles

Front-to-Back Shuttles are an inexpensive solution to accurately locating materials for short-run productions. The Front-to-Back Shuttle operates by cylinders mounted to the shuttle rails that lower the carriage onto the press bedplate. For applications with limited operating area, the Front-to-Back Shuttle can optionally be provided with telescoping slides instead of rails.

Shuttle with Material Roll Holding Stand & Web Cleaner

The Front-to-Back Shuttle with Material Roll Holder Stand & Web Cleaner is an efficient method for pulling film directly from a roll into the RF press. In medical applications were film materials need to be cleaned and/or ionized prior to the RF welding process, having the roll stand mounted directly to the shuttle eliminates the costs associated with material handling and preparation. The roll holder can hold two rolls of film up to 17" diameter. The two webs of film are aligned twice while traveling through the stand and when used in conjuction with a web cleaner, the operator need only pull the film onto the RF sealing area. The constant tension design of the unit keeps the film from free-wheeling and back pulls. The low cost, light weight design and compact shape make the material roll holder stand a great addition to your front-to-back shuttle system.

  • Material Rolls: 2 Roll Holders
  • Material Roll Capacity: Standard 15" wide x 17" diameter
  • Different Material Roll Widths available
  • Holds 2 Web Cleaners
  • 3 Web Alignment Guides
  • All parts designed for Medical Cleanroom Operation

Material Relaxer & Roll Holding Stand

The Material Relaxer & Roll Holder Stand provides a reliable method for pulling material from rolls, aligning the material with a downstream press and ridgidly clamping the material while the press is down. Used mostly in conjunction with our Pnuematic & Mechanical Indexers.

  • Material Rolls: 5 Roll Holders
  • Material Roll Capacity: Standard 24" wide x 17" diameter
  • Relaxed Material Length: Standard 36" Length
  • Available with Material Roll Widths up to 60" wide
  • Relaxed Lengths up to 72"
  • Includes Leveling Pads for Adjustable Clamp Height
  • Shipping weight is approximately 180lbs prior to crating

Motorized Unwinds & Rewinds

Motorized Unwinds & Rewinds are typically provided with dancing roll constant tensioners and expanding air shafts. The Unwinds & Rewinds are specificly designed per the customers application specifications. A programmable controller integrates the system components.

Material Guides

Material Guides provide alignment of material on the inlet and outlet of the press. Guides can be made adjustable for rapid setup or fixed width for greater accuracy. Our standard material guides are capable of handling four film layers and aligning widths up to 24 inches. Made-to-order guide assemblies are easily provided.

Over/Under Progressive Plates

Used solely for Inline multi-stage sealed products such as multi-pocketed sheets and zipper pouches.

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