Industries Served

Stellar Products Inc. has over 30 years experience in the Radio Frequency & Thermoforming Industries. Our innovative ideas, attention to detail and responsiveness have made us a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of dies, tooling, molds and equipment used in the fabrication of thin film plastic products and products utilitizing the RF (Radio Frequency)heatsealing and thermal properties of plastic film. We specialize in suppling the finest quality products and services to the following industries:

Packaging   Medical & Pharmaceutical
Inflatables & Sporting Goods   Tent & Canvas
Automotive   Apparel   Looseleaf Bindery
Liquid & Gel Filled Products

The following is a list of some of the industries and products
that we support with our tooling, dies & equipment:

Medical, Health Care &
Pharmaceutical Products
Water Sporting Goods
and Inflatables

Bladders, Back Cushions, Blood Filtration Bags, Enema Bags, Filtration Bags, Inflatable Bladders, Inflatable Shoe Soles, Intravenous Bags, Liquid Filled Soles, Lumbar Supports, Orthopedic Matresses, Mandrel Tube Sealing, Medical Device Packaging, Oxygen Bags, Pharmaceutical Packaging & Products, Water Reservoirs

Beach Balls, Blister Seal Tools, Bouyancy Compensator Jackets, Product Packaging, Pumps, Sport Shoes, Short Equipment, Thermoformed Packaging, Toys, Water Proof Bags, Water Proof Zippers

Looselef Binders,
Menu Covers,
Advertising & Novelties
Automotive Industry

Advertising Displays & Novelties, Baseball Card Protectors, Binders, CD Holders & Cases, Checkbook Covers, Daily Planners, Folders, Index Cards, Looseleaf Binders, Menu Covers, Multi-Stage Products, Notebooks, Office Supply Products, Phone Book Covers, Plastic Covers, Progressive Products, Sheet Protectors, Slip Covers, Zip-Closure Pouches

Auto Visors, Auto Top Windows, Door Panels, Convertible Tops Dash Boards, Auto Covers, Seat Cushions, Lumbar Supports, Seat Covers,

Apparel & Garment Products Canvas Tents & Awnings,
and Window Shades

Applique Dies & Tooling, Belts, Embossing/Stamping Dies, Electric Blankets, Garment Bags, Gloves, Hand Bags, Air Inflatable Shoes, Leather Goods, Liquid Filled Shoes, Liquid Filled Patches, Protective Clothing, Seal/Cut Tooling, Space Suits, Vacuum/Seal Tooling, Wallets

Awning, Bar Holders, Canvas Tents, Convertible Tops, Floor Mats, Mattresses, Patio Covers, Pool Liners, Shower Curtains, Signs & Building Displays, Tank Liners, Tarpaulins, Truck Covers, Upholstery, Window Shades

Cushioned Products,
Infant Goods &
Gel Filled Products
Packaging and
Product Display

Baby Cushions, Baby Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Infant Pads & Cushions, Juvenile Seats & High Chairs, Liquid Filled Products, Product Packaging, Seal/Cut Tooling, Toilet Seat Cushions, Toys

Clamshell Packages, Tri-fold Packaging, Blister Seal Trays & Packages, Candy Boxes, CD Packaging, Cosmetic Display Cases, Cosmetic Counter Displays, Display Cases, Food Packaging, Jewelry Boxes, Luggage, Thermoformed Products, Travel Cases, Vacuum Molded Products, VHS Tape Packaging

For more information on Tooling, Dies, Automated Equipment and Services
that Stellar Products can provide for your specific product or need,
visit the following catagories:

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Phone: (310) 324-8300
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