Heat Seal Tooling

High Speed Heatsealing refers to Inline and Rotary Heatsealing of thin film vinyl & polypropelene products. Used mostly on Kiefel® and Widmann® Heatsealing Systems, our sealing dies are specially designed for the customerís requirements. Using computer-aided-design and precision machined tooling, our dies are ready for operation as soon as they are mounted in your machine.

In support of our tooling, we've designed and build custom equipment to enhance the performance of our customers machinery. We build and repair many of the following accessories for use on Kiefel & Widmann machinery.

  • Toggle Punch Assemblies
  • Pneumatic Round Punch Assemblies
  • Pneumatic Oval Punch Assemblies
  • Special Corner & Notch Punches
  • Hot Stamp Presses
  • Film Feeding Systems
  • Heated Cutting Press Assemblies
  • Roll Holding Stands
  • Material Guiding Systems

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