Our equipment is made with the customer's concerns in mind; longevity, reliability, performance and service. Strong structural products and state-of-the-art technology go into every piece of machinery we build. Using the latest innovations in computer-aided design and manufacturing, our products are made accurate, fast and repeatable. A commitment to providing quality products in a timely manner with responsive service has been our cornerstone.

RF In-line Components
  • Indexers
  • Shuttles
  • Speed Feed® Shuttles
  • Material Roll Holder Stands
  • Motorized Unwind/Rewind Stands
  • Material Guides
  • Over/Under Progressive Plates
The In-line series of equipment automate many processes through direct feeding of materials from rolls and allowing progressive processes to be performed concurrently. The Indexers increase productivity and scrap through fast, accurate pulling of materials through the RF press.
RF Rotary Components
  • Turntables
  • Board Positioners
  • Pick & Place Feeders
  • Automatic Loading Trays
The rotary series of equipment are designed for increased productivity through automated flow of materials into the RF press and when loading and unloading materials for sealing.
RF Automated Systems Using state-of-art computer processors and innovative technologies our automated systems are geared toward the customer's specific application. Our extensive engineering experience enables us to adapt our equipment to diverse processes. If your problem is a need to increase productivity, decrease costs and optimize performance, we'd be glad to discuss how we can assist in finding a solution.

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