Steel Rule Cutting Dies

Our standard cutting dies are made from steel rule blade bent into a specific configuration as required for the application. The thickness (commonly refered to as 'point', abbr. PT) of the rule specified is dependent upon the material being cut. A point (PT) is equal to 0.014" thick (ie. 6PT rule is 0.084" thick). A frame is used to support the steel rule and assist in keeping the dies shape during use. The rule can be attached to the frame by several methods including: wood mounted, wood/aluminum screwed and welded. The material thickness & quantities being cut will influence the type of mounting method.

Some typical materials used as frames are:

  • Plywood / Rayform
  • Aluminum
  • Welded Steel
  • High Temperature Insulation Material
Cutting Rule Specification
2PT or 3PT Paper, Cardboard & Thin Film Vinyl
4PT or 6PT Thick Ridgid Plastic, Heavy Gauge Cardboard and Laminated Clothes
8PT Large Stacked Quantities of Laminated Clothes and Fabrics

Laser Cutting Dies

For higher precision dies, the frame is laser cut using our CAD engineered manufacturing system. Laser Cutting Dies are excellent for applications that require secondary operations where alignment is crucial to the final product. Spring Loaded Material Guide Pins achieve the accuracy needed for cutting materials that have already been through a previous operation.

Matched Clicker Die Set
The clicker die shown is used in cutting away the excess material from an automotive visor that was RF heatsealed in an earlier process. Guide pins and bushings assist in alignment during cutting. The steel rule on the top die is attached to an aluminum frame for structural shape support. The bottom fixture is machined away to compensate for the three-dimensional shape of the visor.

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