Blister Sealing Tools

Blister Sealing is used extensively in the packaging industry for sealing thermoformed display packages to a laminated cardboard or reinforced backing material. Our blister sealing dies are used extensively in commercial heating presses.

  • Algus®
  • Aline®
  • Alloyd®
  • Atlas Vac®
  • Belco®
  • PowerPak®
  • Sencorp Cera-Pak®
  • Sencorp Cera-Tek®
  • Sentinel®
  • Starview®
  • Sun Industries®
  • Visual Packaging®
  • Zed®

12UP Blister Sealing Tray
for use on a Belco In-line Sealer

3UP Top Sealing Plate with Blister Sealing Trays
for use on an Alloyd Rotary Sealer

In the packaging of medical & pharmaceutical products, whereby the tooling must be utilized in a sterile environment, an anodized aluminum frame is used. Belco & Sencorp make specific machines for these applications and Stellar manufactures the specialized trays.

2UP Blister Sealing Tray
for use on a Sencorp Cera-Tek Machine

Tray shown with the thermoform in place

In addition to the sealing fixtures, we build card hoppers, card feeders, blister hoppers, blister feeders, pickup-arms and pick & place units for use with many makes of equipment. Our tooling & dies can be made for use with many of the following manufacturer's models of Blister Sealing Machines:
  • Algus®
  • Aline®
  • Alloyd®
  • Atlas Vac Machine®
  • Belco®
  • Divo®
  • Sencorp®
  • Starview®
  • Visual Packaging Systems®
  • Zed Industries®

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