Kolbus® Unwind Backstand
Designed especially for use with the Kolbus® Slitter/Sheeter, the Material Unwinder Backstand provides constant tension on the feed material to eliminate over-runs and assure identically square sheets.

Material is maintained at constant tension during sheeting thereby permitting very accurate cutting of sheets. Reduces material waste throughout production and minimized need for re-squaring.

Standard Features
  • Holds to 2 material rolls
  • Handles 16" diameter x 54" length maximum material rolls
  • Speed controlled by Kolbus Slitter/Sheeter
  • Maximum speed of over 15 yards per minute
  • Capable of 50 yard roll every 10 minutes or one roll per hour

Material Savings

Typical Production Rate:

(21) rolls of 150 yards / shift

787,500 yards per year / shift

Typical Waste Reduction:

1/2 inch per 24 inch piece

16,405 yards of waste per year / shift

Average Material Cost:

$1.00 per yard

Material Savings on waste per shift using the Unwinder Backstand is approximately $16,405/year

Labor Savings

Typical Loading Time:

5 minutes per roll

Lost Time While Loading:

(21) rolls/shift x 5 minutes

438 hours per year/shift

Average Labor Cost:

$16,000 per year

Labor savings on lost labor per shift using the Material Unwinder is approx. $3,000/year

Equipment Utilization Savings

Lost Time While Loading:

438 hrs or 62 shifts/year

(see Labor Savings)

Equipment Efficiency:

62 shifts / 250 shifts per year

25% more efficient

Slitter / Sheeter Worth:


Equipment utilization savings on equipment using the Material Unwinder is approx. $7,500/year

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